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Mike Michalowicz is an entrepreneur, 3 times over - building 3 multi-million dollar companies over 15 years. He is the author of the "business cult classic" (per Entrepreneur Magazine) The Toilet Paper Entrepeneur, a small business columnist for The Wall Street Journal and President of Obsidian Launch a behavioral marketing firm.


  • 5 Secrets to Building Great Company Culture You May Not Have Realized

    Features, June 15, 2018

    One thing I’ve learned across all the companies I’ve created is just how vital company culture is. This is especially true when you’re starting a new company and can’t afford to hire experienced veterans who command high salaries. So, how can you put great people in place without spending the fortune you haven’t earned yet? You create such an amazing culture that people want to work for you.

  • Why Small Projects Don't Indicate How You'll Perform on Big Projects

    Features, March 09, 2011

    Many businesses make a big mistake when it comes to judging how much work volume they can comfortably handle on an ongoing basis. Do you know what your limits are, without turning your company upside down and compromising on quality, or in other areas?