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Elaine Pofeldt is a journalist who specializes in entrepreneurship and careers. She has contributed stories to BNET, CBS Moneywatch, Crains New York Business, Money magazine, Good Housekeeping, Inc., Marie Claire, TheAtlantic.com and many other publications. Before going freelance, she worked as a senior editor at FORTUNE Small Business magazine and also ran its website, building traffic to 2 to 5 million page views a month. She now consults with private clients on how to build high-impact editorial websites.


  • 5 Daily Habits Of Successful Entrepreneurs

    Features, June 27, 2011

    In interviewing many successful entrepreneurs over the years, I’ve noticed that they often rely on small daily habits and routines—both in business and their personal lives that keep the needle on their business moving in the right direction. These disciplines aren’t complicated but they pay big dividends.