P&G Celebrates 40 Years in Albany

Barbara Kieker

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

This year Procter & Gamble is celebrating 40 years of manufacturing in southwest Georgia.  The Albany mill, which manufactures Bounty towels and Charmin toilet tissue, has received hundreds of millions of dollars of investment from P&G over that period according to Vince Falcione, external relations manager for P&G in Albany.

“We continue to install the latest and greatest technology advancements in our facility,” said Falcione.  “The use of robots for moving pallets and materials is becoming more common across the site.”

“Our technicians are stronger technically across the board.  We rely on them to do much more than just push buttons. We expect leadership in all aspects and levels of the business. We’ve also increased flexibility to better meet the needs of customers and consumers,” Falcione said. 

Partnering with Local Lleaders

According to Falcione, P&G is pleased with the support it has received from state and local leaders over the past several years. The new state law eliminating the sales tax on energy used in manufacturing is a good example of action taken by state leaders to support manufacturers in Georgia.

“Manufacturing employment is starting to rebound in states across the country; in some at rates faster than in Georgia.  State leaders recognized Georgia was losing manufacturing jobs to other states and passed laws to be more competitive,” Falcione said.

“We need our state and local leaders to continue to be progressive in how they help manufacturing.

Proud to Be in Albany

Just as manufacturing jobs are attractive and important jobs for Albany residents, the mill’s work force is vital to its long-term success.  Total employee involvement is a “must have” to meet the constantly changing needs of the business.

“We all have increased responsibility.  Teams are expected to run the day-to-day business and do whatever is needed to meet our retailers’ needs so they can get consumers what they want when they want it,” Falcione said.

"P&G prides itself in training & development. We are staying abreast of best practices and understanding that change is the name of the game.”

Given the tough economic conditions, P&G is focused on managing spending where possible to maintain and improve profitability.  According to Falcione, “managing the Albany site profitably allows our people, our shareholders and the communities in which we live to prosper.”

“We’re proud to be celebrating 40 years in Albany and southwest Georgia, and we take pride in telling others our products are made here,” Falcione said.

More information on P&G, its products and manufacturing locations is available at www.pg.com,

www.charmin.com and www.bountytowels.com.

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