About Amie Marse

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Amie Marse is the founder of Content Equals Money, a small content generation firm based in Lexington, KY.

Amie writes mainly about SEO, small business and content marketing. She cut her teeth in content writing back in 2006 and has been working her way up the ladder one rung at a time ever since. Now as founder and co-owner of a thriving writing service she enjoys sitting back and spending more time dream making with her clients.

Her not so practical education includes a BA in Systematic Theology, an Mdiv and an MBA.

You can find Amie via her Google + profile, her LinkedIn profile or her company’s main twitter feed @Content_Money.


  • How to Handle a Public Relations Crisis

    Features, October 18, 2013

    Admit it: None of us are as graceful as we think we are. We’ve all “stepped in it” so-to-speak and sometimes, the results aren’t pretty. Whether we’re out for a run or walking within the confines of our home, we’ve all had a clumsy moment with unintended consequences. Likewise, no matter how appropriately you run your business, if you’ve been in business long enough, then you’re bound to receive publicity you don’t like.

  • How to Leverage Big Brands for Your Small Business

    Features, November 12, 2012

    No man is an island, and no small business is either. As small business owners, we know that success requires reaching out to others. You can’t do it all on your own. At least… you can’t do it all on your own and be anywhere near sane by the end of the quarter. By leveraging big brands, you’ll be able to boost your own reputation and solidify those leads you’re already working on.

  • How Google’s Recent Moves Matter to Business

    Features, August 13, 2012

    We have seen a lot of coverage of the Olympics and now, some tech stories have recently received a lot of coverage as well. The Apple versus Samsung court fight, the Mars rover, and breaking info about the iPhone 5 seemed to have dominated, but one player has been making some headlines that are rather significant - That would be Google.