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Amanda Stillwagon is Chief Marketer for Small Business Trends. She oversees online marketing, email marketing and social media marketing for the Small Business Trends group of sites.


  • 9 Ways You May Be Missing Opportunities to Build Your Brand

    Features, June 02, 2016

    Chances are that your business has a logo, or at least an awesome name for which you are working to gain recognition every chance you get. You may already be promoting your business in obvious places like store signage, business cards or print ads, but there are numerous other fun and unique ways you can help build credibility, recognition and a connection with your desired customers:

  • How to Craft an Employee Feedback Survey (to Get Useful Answers)

    Features, January 22, 2015

    Employee satisfaction surveys are important for keeping your team happy and productive. In general, you should run an employee feedback survey at least once per year to find out how happy your employees are and what they might change about your workplace culture.

  • 3 Points to Getting Online With Your Business

    Features, January 16, 2015

    When you first think of getting online with your business, what comes to mind? Probably a website. Luckily today there are several ways to have an “online presence” for your business. Not all of them involve a website. In fact, social media and ecommerce platforms can serve as stand-ins for a website until you are ready. Here are some things to consider.