Phillip Phillips Fundraising Total Tops $55,000

Staff Report From Albany CEO

Tuesday, May 19th, 2020

It wasn’t the biggest stage he’s ever played on, but Albany’s hometown music hero Phillip Phillips’s intimate, live-from-home streaming concert event on May 7 had a big impact, raising $55,555 to help support frontline medical heroes battling COVID-19 in southwest Georgia. The worldwide recording star and American Idol winner played for thousands of fans across the region and around the world.

Phillips, an Albany, GA, native, is passionate about supporting all the frontline heroes who are working daily with patients and community members. Phillips won season 11 of American Idol in 2012, and his song “Home” has gone on to become the best-selling single in the show’s history.

“What a great experience. It’s an amazing feeling to invite my fans and my neighbors into my home, to play some music and to see people from around the world pitch in to help out the healthcare heroes right here in my hometown,” said Phillips after the show. “This is where I grew up. It’s where I live. I know firsthand how important Phoebe is to this community – it’s where me, my wife, and my son were born. Being able to drum up some support by playing a few songs from my couch, it’s an amazing feeling.”

Phoebe continues to battle the COVID-19 crisis as the primary medical care provider for the heavily impacted southwest Georgia region. “But even as we are in the midst of this fight, it’s things like this that shine a bright light of positivity for all of our staff, patients, and neighbors.  We’re so appreciative to have a worldwide talent like Phillip right here in our hometown,” said Phoebe President and Chief Executive Officer Scott Steiner. “The economic impact he helped generate is phenomenal, but it’s also amazing to see what we can do when our best people rally our community together. That’s how we rise out of this crisis – together.”