Local Restaurants Offered COVID-19 Safety Training Certification

Staff Report From Albany CEO

Wednesday, May 20th, 2020

The Albany Convention and Visitors Bureau (ACVB), City of Albany, and Dougherty County have partnered to sponsor COVID-19 Safety Training Certification for local restaurants.

While businesses are teaching and integrating new COVID-19 standards, this service will be a tremendous asset to insure employees are certified and trained.  Our goal is to build continuity in training food service workers, while also building public trust in local restaurants.

The Levee Studios developed a COVID-19 Safety Training Certification through their DoProcess™ platform.   “It is of the utmost importance for our community to dine-in again,” says Tracy Goode, Partner of The Levee Studios, “we wanted to help make sure it was done safely and quickly. To have the city, county, and CVB make a leadership commitment to offer this locally, now has us rolling it out all over the country.” The Certification is a 30-minute training video encompassing the guidelines and safety precautions put in place by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention,  State of Georgia Department of Environmental Health and our current Executive Order put in place by the Governor.  The training will be updated as the guidelines change.  The Safety Training highlights and instructs employees on the safest, best practice for sanitizing and disinfecting not only the dining room but the kitchen area.

“In the months to come, our community will venture out more and visitors will start returning to Albany.  It is important to the City, County and ACVB to sponsor this program to help our restaurant owners train staff on the most efficient, effective ways to sanitize and disinfect their properties to continue to curve the spread of COVID-19” says Rashelle Beasley, Executive Director for the Albany Convention and Visitors Bureau.  “The training is a way for us to get ahead of the curve, to show we are serious about creating a safe environment for our community and visitors”

Local restaurant employees who complete the training will receive a certificate, once the entire staff completes the training the restaurant will be promoted as a COVID-19 Safety Trained establishment.