Georgia-Pacific Unveils Wildlife Conservation Area at Albany Plant

Staff Report

Thursday, August 17th, 2023

Georgia-Pacific, a leading manufacturer of building and packaging products, proudly announces the establishment of a new wildlife conservation area at its state-of-the-art lumber plant in Albany, Georgia. This innovative initiative reflects the company's unwavering dedication to environmental responsibility and its mission to positively impact the local community. 

Since the completion of the 320,000-square-foot lumber plant in early 2020, Georgia-Pacific has continued to explore ways to optimize the expansive 225-acre site on Sylvester Road in Dougherty County. With a commitment to leaving a positive ecological footprint, the company decided to install a 38-acre wildlife conservation area surrounding the mill, embodying their role as responsible landowners. 

"We firmly believe in our duty to be good stewards of the land entrusted to us," stated Keith Carroll, environmental manager for Georgia-Pacific Wood Products LLC. "This commitment led us to create a sanctuary for wildlife and invest in the preservation of biodiversity through the establishment of a wildlife conservation area." 

Following the recommendations of local forestry experts, Georgia-Pacific planted 36 acres of loblolly pines, carefully selected for their compatibility with the local soil conditions, and an additional two acres of native Georgia wildflowers and pollinator plants. To further enhance the conservation area, they added more than two dozen bluebird nesting boxes. 

The recent completion of the plantings sets the stage for Georgia-Pacific to apply for certification from the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) once the project reaches the one-year mark. Through its certification programs, the WHC translates corporate sustainability objectives into tangible and measurable on-the-ground actions, like the Georgia-Pacific wildlife conservation area. Certification from the WHC will validate Georgia-Pacific's commitment to best practices in habitat conservation and environmental stewardship. Upon certification, the Albany wildlife conservation area will join nine additional certified WHC sites at various Georgia-Pacific facilities, with several others on track for certification.