How Would Your Hospitality Rate?

Rita Suiter

Friday, May 31st, 2013

In a recent stay at a Hampton Inn, I noticed a colorful box depicting a sign urging guests to “Rate our Hamptonality,” by nominating an employee who had exceeded their expectation.  Hampton Hotels are the No. 1 top franchise for the third year in a row.  This brand is doing something right – something very few companies can adopt.  It’s growing, creating long-lasting customer loyalty and increasing unit revenue year after year.  

Phil Cordell, global head of focused service and Hampton’s brand management, describes his company as “an unstoppable brand with an irresistible personality, as exemplified by its core “Hamptonality” concept.  He states that means going above and beyond what people expect from a mid-tier hotel; simple things like remembering customers’ names, providing convenient amenities and employing friendly, accommodating staffers who truly believe that “little things,” make a huge difference.  

As Hampton expands into international regions where constant smiles and chipper service aren’t the cultural norm, their challenge is to inspire front-desk clerks in those countries to crack a smile.  The same is true in other parts of the worlds.  When Hampton moved into the U.K. where being friendly is not always part of normal behavior in hotels, they had to ask “How can we do this?”  One of the ways they did was by connecting the U.K. team with other Hampton staff members around the world through an intranet, webinars and sharecasts, letting them join a conversation about how to exceed customer expectations.  They knew it would be a smart way to build global loyalty for the brand.

How are your guests/customers rating your hospitality?”  Is your brand consistently doing something right to distinguish your reputation for professional service with a personal touch?  Are you creating long-lasting relationships with your guests/customers to grow your market share?  Every staff member individually and collectively reflects your company’s personality and commitment to service excellence.  Guests/customers will only take your approach to service as seriously as you do.

Your brand goes far beyond a name and logo.  It is your entire image and the way you are perceived.  It’s your reputation, and the emotions and attitudes that are associated with everything you do and all that you stand for.  

Is your team role-modeling the behaviors that support and reflect your standards – by being friendly first – by giving and using your guests/customer’s names – providing convenient amenities - by truly going above and beyond in their job roles – by being culture-sensitive – by being the change they want to see and by remembering the “little things,” are the big things?  

Every employee has a defined role in the guest/customer experience.  You can become an unstoppable brand and become a destination of choice…It’s a commitment and a choice!

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