What Customer Service Means to Customers

Deidra Langstaff

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Deidra Langstaff shares the secret of customer service.

Hi, I’m Deidra Langstaff with Langstaff Marketing and I’m going to tell you a little secret about customer service and what means the most to your customers. Several weeks ago, at Langstaff Marketing, we wrote a blog on The Lost Art of Writing a Thank You Note and this little thank you note was what triggered the blog.

Several weeks before that I actually made a purchase online from Lands’ End and in the mail about four or five days later I received my box with my clothing that I had purchased and there was a note there from Maria and Maria had written to me and said “Oh Dear Deidra, thank you so much for purchasing this skirt. I hope you enjoy it. The colors are so great for the summer and by the way, if you’re interested, we think that this cute cardigan would look wonderful with it. Have a great summer. Please give me a call if you need anything”. And it was handwritten. And when I got the note I thought, wow, Lands’ End has got it going on. How many large companies take the time to handwrite a note to their customers?

Now I know when we’re talking with your customers here at Langstaff Marketing that’s one of the first things we tell them to do. Before you worry about your website, before you worry about any ads that you’ll put in magazine or on newspaper or TV, the one thing we want to ask first is how are you taking care of your existing customers. And one of the easiest things you can do is just have a handwritten note. A little note card that when you actually have some sort of interaction with a customer, maybe it’s a first time meeting with a customer or maybe you have just finished a project with your customer, you would handwrite and tell them how much it meant to you that you were able to work with them and thank you for allowing them to work on the project. And then you would send that to your customer. I’m telling you, it means so much to people to get that handwritten note.

And as I always say, remember that marketing is everything and everything is marketing.

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