Terry McMillan offers tax credit solutions for the expanding business

John McMillan

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Terry McMillan of McMillan Associates wants you to know that if you're thinking of expanding your business with new equipment, adding employees, or adding new facilities you could be elegible for federal tax credit programs.

Hi, I’m Terry McMillan with McMillan Associates, and I’d like to share with you today that if you’re company is expanding through adding equipment, adding head count, building a new office, a new location, there are tax credits, both on the state and the federal side that are available to you. For instance, with equipment that you’re installing, certain industries can recover up to 12% of the cost of their equipment through both state and federal tax credits.

If you’re adding head count, there are additional state tax credits available to you up to $14,500 per employee, and that’s every year for five years. So if you’re adding equipment or you’re expanding a headcount or a new location, there are tax credits available for you. And for additional information, contact us at www.MCATaxCredits.com. Thank you.

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