Georgia is the 3rd BEST State to Get a Job Right Now

Staff Report

Wednesday, August 4th, 2021

Following the recent report about US Unemployment claims from the government, I have a great story here that I think you and your readers will love about Georgia being the 3rd best state to find a job right now! 

Unemployment has been a trending topic since the pandemic started. Searching for job opportunities has become the focal point of many people's lives, but which parts of the US are home to the most job opportunities?

New research by CareerBuilder calculates the top 10 states for finding work and the most popular role in each state. For those in Georgia - the opportunity is waiting.


Of the 50 states analyzed, North Dakota offered the best chance of finding work, with 9.96 jobs available per every 100 unemployed people and 1,590 jobs in North Dakota posted on CareerBuilder in the last month. Unfortunately, living in financial instability still means there are 15,964 people out of work.

South Dakota comes in second - with 9.17 jobs available per every 100 job seekers. As one of the least populated areas in the country (5th to be exact), it seems that competition won’t be as stiff as in other states. In both states, the most popular job is for a certified nursing assistant. 

Despite Georgia having a quarter of a million unemployed, research shows that there are 6.78 jobs per 100 people which suggests that hope is on the horizon for job seekers here. If you’re a lover of customer service, Georgia’s gas station brands need you - especially as this role makes up 3.87% of all job openings posted online. 

Which are the worst states for job opportunities?

Unfortunately, some states are far more competitive when it comes to job hunting, from population size to scarcity of roles available. 

California is the toughest state for unemployed people, with 1.48 million people currently out of work. 

Nevada is ranked as the second most competitive for job opportunities, with 1.32 jobs available for every 100 people searching. 

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