DCSS Active Covid Student Cases Come in under 1.4%

Monday, August 30th, 2021

The percentage of current active students cases for the Dougherty County School System is 1.39% of the in-person student population, data shows. 

The 10-day percentage of student COVID-19 cases reflects cases for students who are currently in isolation following a positive COVID-19 diagnosis. The current 10-day percentage -- which covers the first day of school -- is 1.39%. The percentage for the second week of school was 1.02%. 

“I believe this is a signal that our students, their parents and our employees are following the DCSS safety protocols,” Dyer said. “In addition to continuing with the current protocols, we will enhance our safety measures by offering COVID-19 testing at our schools in the near future.”

While required for students, parents can opt their students out of testing if they so choose. More information on testing will be released next week. 

You can view the district’s COVID Dashboard here: COVID-19 Dashboard