Georgia’s Beer, Wine, and Spirit Wholesalers Join the Fight with First Lady Marty Kemp to End Sex Trafficking in Georgia

Tuesday, June 29th, 2021

Today, leaders of the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of Georgia and the Georgia Beer Wholesalers Association announced a partnership with First Lady Marty Kemp to help end sex trafficking in Georgia. Through the partnership, wholesaler delivery vehicles will be fitted with bumper stickers that read “See something. Say Something. End Sex Trafficking in Georgia” along with national anti-human trafficking hotline. In the coming months, Georgia wholesalers and their staffs will also complete the Human Trafficking Awareness Training video created by First Lady Kemp and the Georgians for Refuge, Action, Compassion, and Education (GRACE) commission. 

“While we are making progress in the fight against human trafficking, there is so much work left to do,” said Georgia’s First Lady Marty Kemp. “I am grateful for the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of Georgia and Georgia Beer Wholesalers Association for tapping their network to raise awareness across the state. This partnership will help Georgia protect lives and turn victims into survivors.”

The wholesaler delivery network is comprised of over 500 delivery vehicles that visit more than 20,000 businesses each day, delivering adult beverages in each of Georgia’s 159 counties. Many these delivery vehicles are often in higher density commercial areas where higher instances of sex trafficking occur. With stickers attached, these vehicles will become moving billboards to help raise awareness and promote action against sex trafficking. The GRACE commission training will also give wholesaler employees the tools they need to identify potential sex trafficking situations and alert the proper authorities. 

“Sex trafficking is modern human slavery, and we are excited to join the fight to hopefully end it once and for all,” said KC Honeyman, Executive Director of the Wine & Spirit Wholesalers of Georgia. “Our delivery fleets span all 159 of Georgia’s counties and frequently service high traffic commercial areas where sex trafficking is often suspected. I cannot thank First Lady Kemp enough for her dedicated effort to end this evil industry.”

"Georgia's Wholesalers are committed to help end Human Trafficking and are proud of the leadership First Lady Kemp has taken on this effort" said Martin Smith, Executive Director of the Georgia Beer Wholesaler Association. “Our trucks are moving billboards seen in every part of Georgia. There is no doubt that the training, awareness, and advocacy spearheaded by First Lady Kemp is saving lives. We feel privileged to be a part of this important project.”