Yoga in the Gallery is Now Monthly at the Albany Museum of Art

Staff Report From Albany CEO

Thursday, March 5th, 2020

Art and yoga have proven to be a popular mixture at the Albany Museum of Art. Beginning on Thursday, March 5, 2020, Yoga in the Gallery will become a monthly offering at the museum.
The hour-long sessions led by Albany Yoga Project will be conducted at 6 pm on the first Thursday of each month.
“If art, as some philosophers say, is the highest form of life, then it cannot be overstated that the practice of yoga—the tending to the mental, physical and creative self—situates itself perfectly in the art museum setting,” AMA Executive Director Andrew James Wulf, Ph.D., said. “We are delighted to partner with the Albany Yoga Project in this special monthly offering to our community.”
Sylvia Maxwell, executive director and founder of Albany Yoga Project, says she is looking forward to the partnership. Albany Yoga Project has conducted Yoga in the Gallery sessions at the AMA previously, including a pop-up morning event last month.
“Partnering with the Albany Museum of Art allows us to connect both yoga and art as tools for change in our community,” Maxwell said. “We are excited and grateful that the Albany Museum of Art will be hosting Yoga in the Gallery as a monthly event on the first Thursday of every month."
Annie Vanoteghem, director of education and public programming for the museum, said engaging in yoga during a museum visit adds new dimensions to both experiences.
“Yoga is a wonderful way to experience art,” she said. “We are thrilled to continue with our AYP partnership on a monthly basis. With several different galleries in which to practice, you will never have the same experience twice as each exhibit will ignite something new in your meditation.
“Our guests will be able to disconnect from the distractions of the world and experience the art in a new, more intentional way. We want our community to take the time to prioritize mental awareness, and using the artistic environment to help.”
Maxwell said the Albany Yoga Project’s partnership with the AMA will benefit the community.
"Albany Yoga Project makes yoga and meditation accessible as well-being services across Southwest Georgia,” she said. “By providing this service that is often overlooked as a basic need, we begin to connect the community, one pose at a time.
“The Baptiste Yoga methodology serves as a framework for what we do. It allows Albany Yoga Project to provide tools that empower individuals to see possibility in their bodies and in their lives. This creates a personal transformation in the lives of others. Similarly, art gives us the opportunity to look within and reflect.”
No registration or RSVP is required. Maxwell said each participant is welcome to “come as you are” to the session. Extra mats also will be available if someone forgets to bring one, she said. Facilitators ask that participants be in place and ready to begin promptly at 6 pm.
There is no admission charge, but a $7 donation is suggested to support AMA and AYP programs.
For information, contact the AMA at 229.439.8400.