Gerald Greene: House Awaits Recall to Finish Legislative Session

Wednesday, March 25th, 2020

The Georgia General Assembly has been suspended due to the serious virus outbreak in the United States and in the state of Georgia. Ten days remained in this session of the Georgia General Assembly, and everything has been halted until a time the leadership of the House and Senate determine to reconvene the assembly.

In the meantime, the governor of the state of Georgia, Brian Kemp, called for an emergency session of the members of the House and Senate for one day at the state Capitol. The call was only for the granting of emergency powers to the governor until April 12. At the end of that period, if the emergency still persists, the assembly must be called back into session.

The General Assembly also provided $100 million to be used in the emergency to fight the infectious virus. The emergency session was not without consequences for the members of the House, Senate and staff members. A member of the state Senate tested positive for the virus, and members of the House and Senate have been asked to self-quarantine. I am following those instructions and taking care of business from my home. My office in Atlanta is closed at the Capitol, as are most offices of the state.

Our last day of the session saw the passage of many House bills, as it was crossover day in the General Assembly. Crossover day is the last day that the House can send a bill to the Senate for consideration during the legislative session. The House will deal only with bills approved by the Senate on our return to the state capital.

The House and Senate did pass, and the governor has signed, the midyear supplemental budget. The big budget is pending in the Senate on our return to the Capitol. This is our Fiscal Year 2021 budget that will begin on July 1 of this year.

While we have extremely difficult days ahead as a state and union, I am grateful for the leadership of our governor, county commissioners, mayors and councils, our public health officials and hospital workers. As we see an increase in the rural areas of our state with this virus, I encourage my constituents of House District 151 to implement preventive measures that will protect our families, communities and hospitals. Please take the emergency seriously, stay focused on staying out of crowds, and follow the CDC recommendations. If you need me for anything, contact me by email at, by phone at (229) 732-2750 or by cell at (229) 881-7601. Please be safe and pray that we soon have an end to this state of emergency. Continue to pray and have faith in the Lord.

May God bless each and every one of you each and every day and bless our nation and our people.