DoCoSchools to Begin Device Distribution to Students

Staff Report From Albany CEO

Tuesday, March 24th, 2020

As part of a comprehensive distance learning plan, the Dougherty County School System will begin distributing devices Tuesday, March 24, starting with high school seniors.

Principals at each high school have been tasked with forming teams that will assist with drive-through device distribution. Prior to being assigned to assist, potential team members have been screened regarding their potential exposure to CoVid-19.

A walk-through was done Monday at each high school to ensure team members are provided with the distribution procedures and safety protocols we have put in place. Device distribution will begin Tuesday based on scheduled appointments. T he laptops and internet hotspots will be delivered to parents’ cars, so they do not have to enter a school building.

Employees of each high school have been calling parents of seniors to determine if they need a Chromebook and/or an internet hotspot. Based on their responses, an individualized package with the needed device(s) will be available during a predetermined block of time. This plan has been discussed with the Dougherty County Emergency Management Task Force to ensure compliance with the current Shelter-in-Place order.

“Our commitment is to provide our students with the opportunity for continued, high-quality instruction on an equitable basis,” Dyer said. “Our aim is to provide both students and teachers with appropriate support, as we work to ensure our students are academically prepared.”

Both the Chromebooks and hotspots are equipped with tracking technology to assist in device recovery in the event they are lost or stolen. Also, students and their parents and/or guardians will be required to sign a user agreement detailing the acceptable use of the equipment and their personal financial responsibility for the device(s) if lost or damaged.

“We understand all of our students don’t have access to the devices or tools needed for digital instruction, so, we are implementing our distance learning plan that provides for equitable access to needed resources.”