Success Terms at Albany Technical College See Success for the Second Semester as Students Start Back to School

Staff Report From Albany CEO

Monday, January 13th, 2020

Monday is the beginning of a new semester at Albany Technical College. Spring is the second semester under the new Success Terms, 7 weeks plus 7 weeks semesters. Both semesters, fall and spring, have seen increases in overall average hours each student is taking per semester. The total enrollment is expected to follow the same upward trend for the spring semester 2020 versus the spring semester 2019. Albany Technical College saw a 3.3% increase in enrollment from Fall 2018 to Fall 2019 and a 3.4% increase in total credit hours.

College Name

Fall Semester 2018 Enrollment

Fall Semester 2019 Enrollment

Total Diff.

Percent Change

Albany Tech





Back in the fall of last year, Albany Technical College, a Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) postsecondary institution, made a bold move to ensure success for its students. The semester system changed to two seven-week academic terms that were labeled “Success Terms” or “7 + 7 Semesters.”  

Albany Tech was the first TCSG institution to switch over to this approach, which creates six times during an academic year when students can start classes, rather than the three entry points available in a traditional semester format. 

Improving student success is the goal. This change is showing positive outcomes for students and allowing them to enter the workforce at a steadier rate. The plan is to offer at least 70 percent of all courses taught at the college in this new seven-week format. Some classes of study with program accreditation and/or lengthier contact hour requirements will remain in the 15-week semester format.

 “Potential students will never be too far away from the next set of starting classes. The 7-week format will allow our students to take classes and earn credits more frequently. The idea is that with fewer classes to focus on per 7-week period; a student can balance going to school with all of the other thing’s life throws into the mix. Students will be able to maintain a fulltime status per semester, enabling accelerated graduation results,” said Dr. Anthony Parker, President of Albany Technical College. 

In addition to multiple entry points per semester, college officials say research shows that the new format can improve student performance with fewer subjects to focus on per seven-week period; increase the number of credit hours a student can earn per period; and provide employers with employees more frequently each year. 

“In the conventional semester system, a typical, non-traditional student might be managing multiple jobs, family responsibilities, and taking four or even five classes,” Dr. Parker concluded. “With the new system, the course load will be lowered to two classes, making life more manageable. Even if unforeseen life circumstances happen, and they will come for all of us, with the conventional semester system, a student might walk away without earning any credit for the 15-week period. With ‘Success Terms,’ a student could potentially earn six credits and be able to move forward despite the setback. That is what we want to happen.”