Young Artists' Market Set for June 28 at AMA

Staff Report From Albany CEO

Monday, June 24th, 2019

Kids will not only get creative, they will learn the business side of art and have their art for show and sale at the AMA’s first Kids’ Pop-Up MART at the Albany Museum of Art on Friday, June 28, 2019.
The Pop-Up MART, from 3-5 pm, will come at the conclusion of a pair of Summer Art Camps at the AMA—Artrepreneurs and Fashion Forward.
“The Artrepreneurs campers will have art products to sale, such as comic books they created,” Annie Vanoteghem, director of education and public programming for the AMA, said. “They will develop a business plan, they’ll have business cards, logos, and, by Friday, they will have set up their stations at the pop-up market to sell their work.”
Customer service will be emphasized. “The campers will learn how to treat customers well and meet their needs, and why doing that is important to the success of a business,” she said.
Vanoteghem said she hopes the kids’ art market will draw buyers to encourage the young artists. “Please remember these will be cash sales for the campers,” she added.
Browsers, of course, are welcome, too. There will be plenty to look at since campers in Fashion Forward will have the unique designs they created over the weeklong on display at the kid’s market.
The Fashion Forward camp will be taught by Heather Ashberry, of Beatrice Wormwood. She will give campers a crash course on fashion design and guide them toward completing a piece for the show.
“I’m excited to see what the campers come up with,” Vanotehgem said. “Fashion design is a perfect place to let creativity shine.”
The Artrepreneurs will also get some expert advice during the week.
“Heather Sharpe, a business consultant for the University of Georgia Small Business Development Center here in Albany, will come by the talk to the campers,” Vanoteghem said. “We’ll also have Femi Anderson with the Renaissance Connection, a downtown Albany art business, talk to them.
“Each camper will tailor a business plan to his or her product, design business cards, create display space for the market and get an idea about how to market products. The business aspect of art is important. Early exposure to it in a fun environment will be beneficial to the campers regardless of what career paths they take later on.”