Phoebe Hosts Annual Ties that Bind Luncheon for Local Young Males

Staff Report From Albany CEO

Wednesday, June 12th, 2019

More than 60 community male leaders gathered at the Albany James H. Gray, Sr. Civic Center to support dozens of young males from Boys & Girls Club of Albany, Albany Recreation & Parks Department and Dougherty County Sheriff’s Office C.H.A.M.P.S. camp at Phoebe’s annual Ties That Bind luncheon.
The luncheon, which began seven years ago, was designed as a support system for boys whose fathers may be absent from their lives. Community leaders not only share a meal with the young men, but they also share a tie. “A tie is a symbol of respect and distinction. This event is a great opportunity for our community leaders to have a positive impact on these young boys. A few kind words could be the inspiration an 11year-old needs to have dreams and make good choices,” said Darrell Sabbs, Director of Community Benefits, Phoebe.
The keynote speaker at this year’s event was Frank Wilson, Executive Director, Albany Civil Rights Institute. Mr. Wilson spoke about the importance of following rules and how not following the rules of life can have serious consequences. “Following rules is not always the most popular thing to do but remember there are always consequences for every action. You make up 48% of the population but 100% of our future,” said Wilson.
Wilson ended his speech by encouraging the kids to stay in school, be smart and make good choices. “I want to challenge you with this. You are all American. The last four letters in American are I-C-A-N and I know you can,” Wilson added.
Phoebe’s Network of Trust hosts the annual event. Dedicated to the betterment of our community, Network of Trust addresses positive youth outcomes academically, emotionally, and physically through a committed team of nurses and educators.