Dougherty County Installs "Share the Road" Signage

Staff Report From Albany CEO

Monday, April 15th, 2019

This week, installation began for several “Share the Road” signs to improve safety for cyclists, pedestrians, runners and joggers, on Dougherty County roads. The sign request was initiated by the Pecan City Pedalers group to Dougherty County Ad-ministrator, Michael McCoy.

As part of their advocacy group to promote bicycling safety, the Pecan City Pedalers reached out to the Dougherty County Administrator to advocate for the signage. With safety in mind for cy-clists, pedestrians, runners and joggers, and for all residents, Dougherty County quickly began working with their Public Works department to order signage that would cover several county roads that were identified as the most populated with cyclists and runners.

“The signage that the county is placing on some of the roads that cyclists travel will help bring awareness to motorists that bicyclists are using these roadways,” said Rachelle Bitterman, presi-dent of the Pecan City Pedalers. “We thank the county for their attention to safety for this grow-ing sport.”

The primary roads receiving signage at this time included Old Dawson Road, Byron Plantation, and Tallahassee Road.