Albany Technical College Foundation Signs MOU with Schneider Trucking to Meet Community Need for CDL Drivers

Staff Report From Albany CEO

Friday, September 14th, 2018

The Albany Tech Foundation will sign a “Memorandum of Understanding” with Schneider Trucking during a ceremony on Friday, September 14 at 10:00 a.m. in Albany Technical College’s Logistics Education Center, Executive Board Room (second floor).

In the new MOU, Albany Technical College and Schneider have agreed to work together to meet a community and industry need to create a pool of trained, qualified Commercial Truck Drivers through the Albany Transportation Academy and start them in a transportation career. Schneider officials will recruit graduates from the Albany Tech program and provide $500 for each recruit that accepts an offer
from the company as their first offer and remains employed with the company for 30 days. Each stipend
awarded to the Foundation will go into a newly established Schneider CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) Fund. This new scholarship fund will be managed by the Albany Tech Foundation to further strengthen the scholarship potential for students seeking to enter this career path through employment with Schneider.

The Albany Tech Foundation Board of Trustees and Albany Tech Financial Aid staff will establish procedures to administer the fund, which will accrue over time and be used to assist students who commit at the time of enrollment in the Albany Tech CDL program to pursue a career with Schneider.

Glenn Singfield, President of the Albany Tech Foundation Trustees, commented: “We look forward to this partnership with Schneider. There is a severe shortage of truck drivers across the nation and if this shortage is not addressed it has the potential to increase freight costs for the industries in our area that rely on trucks to move raw materials in and finished goods out of their facilities. We want to do all we can to support this project and others like it so that our region stays ahead of the curve.  Collaborations like this will position us to meet these needs.”

“We are pleased to launch this partnership and excited to recruit the well-trained graduates of the Albany Transportation Academy at Albany Technical College,” Schneider Field Recruiter Terrence Henry said. “Our company offers a competitive salary and excellent benefits package.” Founded in 1935 and headquartered in Green Bay Wisconsin, today Schneider is listed as one of the five largest trucking firms in the U.S.

Earlier this year, Albany Technical College, along with local industries and transportation carriers, “rolled out” the Albany Transportation Academy at Albany Technical College. Dr. Anthony Parker, Albany Technical College President, commented, “Establishing the Transportation Academy has increased our student capacity from 50 to 75 and the number of graduates per class from 150 to 225. In this career pathway, our graduates are seeing a 99 percent job placement rate and most students should begin earning from $30,000 to $50,000 a year.”

President Parked added, “Commercial truck drivers and diesel technicians are in high demand in our region and indeed across the country. The Transportation Academy has great potential to address and solve a twofold workforce need. By refocusing our efforts on career training in these strategic areas, we will present a path forward to those who reside in our community who are looking for a career that pays well and offers health benefits. With these jobs, a person can support themselves and their families and build a great future. The benefit to the community is that Transportation Academy graduates will provide local transportation companies with a qualified and trained pool of talent. This will ensure a robust system in our community to move the goods made here to market in a cost effective, competitive manner.”

Students can successfully complete the Commercial Truck Driving program, consisting of nine credit hours, in eight weeks. CDL classes are offered in day and evening formats throughout the week.  For eligible Georgia residents, the HOPE grant and HOPE Career grant will pay full tuition for Albany Transportation Academy programs. The entire list of requirements to enroll in the program can be found on the Albany Tech website,, and also are available through the Admissions Department at Albany Tech.