Twedt, Moorhead Win DWS Honor Scholarships

Staff Report From Albany CEO

Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

Geoffrey Sudderth, Head of School for Deerfield-Windsor, recently announced the two winners of Middle and Upper School Honor Scholarships for next year. Honor Scholarships are full scholarships for the duration of Middle and Upper School. Students take a competitive examination, and their grades, activities, resume, and teacher recommendations are considered in the selection.

Selected for the Middle School Honor Scholarship was Alyssa Twedt, daughter of Dr. Dennis Twedt and Dr. Desiree Catalan of Dougherty County. Alyssa is currently a student at Lake Park Elementary and enjoys drawing and is an avid reader. Her extracurricular activities include art, music, and sports.
Selected for the Upper School Honor Scholarship was Lizzie Moorhead. She is the daughter of Amanda and John Moorhead also of Dougherty County. Lizzie is currently home schooled. Her extracurricular activities include tennis, piano, and Latin studies. She enjoys fishing, hunting, and shooting with her dad.

In announcing the winners, Sudderth says, “The Honor Scholarship program has attracted some of our brightest and best students at Deerfield-Windsor over the years. Honor Scholars have gone on to earn recognition from National Merit, win the prestigious Foundation Fellowship at the University of Georgia, and to attend highly selective colleges such as Cornell, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Georgia Tech and Yale. They bring academic excellence and extracurricular leadership to our School.”