Rep. Spencer Announces ABL Space Systems to Establish Operations in Camden County

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Tuesday, March 6th, 2018

State Representative Jason Spencer (R-Woodbine) announced that ABL Space Systems, a satellite launch provider, signed a memorandum of understanding with Camden County officials outlining how the provider will work with Spaceport Camden to test, manufacture, assemble and ultimately launch orbital vehicles in Camden County. The MOU comes prior to a larger agreement that will be negotiated and signed by July 31, 2019.

“The years of hard work in pushing for Georgia to become the next great space state is starting to bear fruit,” said Rep. Spencer. “The commercial space industry is now looking to Georgia to be a place where the industry can grow, innovate and provide high paying jobs.  In the wake of the largest individual and corporate income tax cuts in Georgia history, this state is poised to bring in more commercial space jobs. This is just the beginning. The state of Georgia, along with Camden County leaders, welcomes ABL Space Systems, and we look forward to a great partnership.”

Rep. Spencer is the author of the Georgia Space Flight Act, or House Bill 1, which passed during the 2017 legislative session. The Georgia Space Flight Act was designed to attract the commercial space industry to Georgia. Rep. Spencer also authored House Resolution 1107 urging the Georgia Department of Economic Development and other relevant state agencies to actively recruit and enhance the commercial space industry to Georgia.