Georgia Poised to Take Advantage of President's New Infrastructure Plan

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Wednesday, February 14th, 2018

President Donald J. Trump released his 2019 budget proposal, which includes a focus on rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure. The principles of the infrastructure plan include $200 billion in federal funds to spur at least $1.5 trillion in infrastructure investments; new investments in rural America; decision-making authority returned to state and local governments; removal of unnecessary regulatory barriers; and a streamlined and shortened permitting process for infrastructure projects.

On Monday, Georgia DOT Commissioner Russell McMurry joined a conference call with White House Special Advisor to the President D. J. Gribben to unveil the president’s infrastructure plan.

“The president is making infrastructure a priority, which is exciting for us at Georgia DOT because Georgia is very well positioned to compete for additional federal funding,” Commissioner McMurry said. “Even more important is the potential to reform and restructure federal rules and regulations that are duplicative or don’t provide an environmental benefit.”
Elements of the president’s initiative, Building a Stronger America include:

  1. STIMULATE INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENT: At least $1.5 trillion in investments to rebuild our failing infrastructure and develop innovative projects.

  2. INVEST IN RURAL AMERICA:  $50 billion of the $200 billion in direct federal funding to  rebuild and modernize infrastructure in rural America.

  3. INCREASE STATE AND LOCAL AUTHORITY: Return decision-making authority to state and local governments, which know the needs of their communities.

  4. ELIMINATE REGULATORY BARRIERS: Eliminate barriers that prevent infrastructure projects from being efficiently developed and managed.

  5. STREAMLINE PERMITTING:  Shorten and simplify the approval process for infrastructure projects – establish a “one agency, one decision” structure for environmental reviews and shorten the lengthy environmental review process to two years while still protecting the environment.

  6. INVEST IN OUR COUNTRY’S MOST IMPORTANT ASSET – IT’S PEOPLE: Reforms so Americans can secure good-paying jobs and meet the needs of our industries.

“We look forward to implementing the president’s plan and to advancing Georgia’s critical transportation infrastructure projects,” McMurry added.