2018 Randstad US Salary Guides Show it's a Job Seeker's Market

Staff Report

Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

Randstad US today released its 2018 Salary Guides. Updated annually, the Salary Guides provide job seekers with insight into how their compensation might compare with others in their field and geographic region and are a resource for employers to assess their pay rates against competitors. Continuing the trend seen over the past two years, this year's analysis reveals that salaries have risen an average of three percent across many fields and industries.

This is great news for workers, but it puts pressure on employers, many of whom are finding that aligning pay with the overall market is no longer enough to attract top talent.

"Paying employees a competitive salary has never been more important than it is today," said Jim Link, chief human resources officer at Randstad North America. "Organizations benefiting from the recently reduced corporate tax rate should take advantage and look to invest in their workforce since today's tight labor market means employers risk losing both current and prospective talent if they don't pay according to job seekers' expectations."

Randstad's Salary Guides include pay ranges for common job titles or positions within engineering, finance and accounting, clinical and non-clinical healthcare, human resources, information technology, life sciences, manufacturing and logistics and office and administration.

A sample of what you'll find in Randstad's 2018 Salary Guides includes:


Validation Engineer


Northeast | senior-level

Finance and Accounting

Financial Analysts

$65,015 – $75,090

Baltimore, MD | large company


Medical Assistant


midwest | expert

Non-clinical Healthcare

Medical Receptionists

$14.51 - $17.71/hour

Houston, TX | 5 years of experience

Human Resources

HR Generalist

$65,616 – $87,472

New York, NY | professional services industry

Information Technology

Machine Learning Engineer


Atlanta, GA | mid-level

Life Sciences

Drug Safety Associates


Chicago, IL | average mid-range salary

Manufacturing and Logistics

Maintenance Mechanics

$25.70 - $29.97/hour

Ontario/Riverside, CA | 6 years of experience

Office and Administration

Executive Assistants

$30.82 - $38.57/hour

Miami, FL | 7 years of experience