ERA Sunrise Realty Launches ‘Express Sell’ In Georgia

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Monday, January 22nd, 2018

ERA Sunrise Realty recently launched ERA Real Estate’s “Express Sell” guaranteed home sale program in Georgia. The program is ideal for people building a new home, where the builder doesn’t want to start construction until the previous home is sold. The new offering also works well for home sellers who are looking to relocate quickly. This expanded pilot program runs from 1/1/18 until 3/31/18 and is also available through select ERA Real Estate Brokers in Georgia, Virginia, Massachusetts, New Mexico, New York and Florida.

“ERA ‘Express Sell’ is a new and improved version of ERA’s Sellers Security Plan, and is ideal for sellers who must sell their home and need to know their bottom line before they put their house on the market,” said Greg Martin, president of ERA Sunrise Realty. “The ‘Express Sell’ offer buys the seller’s house for 86.5% of the appraised value, net of all expenses, within 30 days of meeting with the ERA listing agent.”

In order to take advantage of the “Express Sell” program the seller must buy their next home through an ERA real estate agent. “When ERA tested ‘Express Sell’ in Florida it was very successful, so it was expanded to more states,” stated Martin. “It really eliminates all the guesswork.”