Mission Change Supports Grow Albany

Staff Report From Albany CEO

Friday, December 15th, 2017

The Grow Albany initiative is preparing for the spring planting season and is adding new partners to help replant the trees lost during the storms of January 2017.  Mission Change has joined Grow Albany by donating $20, 000  earmarked for both the first residential replanting project and for assistance in additional community park plantings.  For future residential replanting, Mission Change and Grow Albany  will provide, distribute, and plant trees for local community residents that are not physically able to plant trees for themselves. This phase is expected to take place during the fall planting season 2018.

"Mission Change has funds specifically set aside for storm relief.  For many homeowners the loss and removal of trees created a major financial hardship in 2017.  Our partnership with Grow Albany will allow us to add a landscaping element to storm relief projects,” said Mission Change co-founder, LaDonna Urick.