Lt. Governor Cagle Names Floyd County Schools Georgia’s College and Career Academy of the Year

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Friday, November 17th, 2017

Lt. Governor Casey Cagle concluded his Tenth Annual two-day Business and Education Summit, uniting education and business leaders from across the state.  Recognizing the successful partnership between the school system, local industry, and community leaders, Lt. Governor Cagle named Floyd County Schools as the 2017 College and Career Academy of the Year. As part of this honor, Floyd County Schools College and Career Academy received a $3,000 grant sponsored by the Georgia Apartment Industry Education Foundation.

“Floyd County has actively embraced innovation in the classroom, rejecting the one-size-fits-all educational model, and their students are reaching new heights because of these efforts,” said Lt. Governor Cagle. “Exceptional partnerships with business and education leaders have produced unrivaled opportunities for each student who walks through their College and Career Academy’s doors. I want to congratulate CEO Eric Waters and Floyd County’s leaders on their many achievements – I look forward to their continued success for many years to come.”

“Our education and business leaders have come together to create a world class educational institution that benefits our entire community,” said Sen. Chuck Hufstetler. “I want to thank the Floyd County Board of Education and all of the stakeholders who have played an instrumental role in creating a unique learning experience for our students – one that prepares them for the modern, evolving workforce. I truly believe this is only the beginning and look forward to the College and Career Academy’s continued growth.”

Sen. Chuck Hufstetler represents Senate District 52, which includes Floyd County.

The Summit brought together business, industry, and education leaders to discuss and demonstrate the importance of abandoning a one-size-fits-all model in public education, focusing on the needs of each individual student. By partnering with local businesses and industries, school systems are offering innovative career pathways with public-private partnerships, which have proven effective in filling the gaps that exist in Georgia’s workforce.

Floyd County Schools College and Career Academy:

Floyd County Schools College and Career Academy has increased student enrollment three-fold since 2008, continuously providing students with opportunities for success and helping them realize their fullest potential. Through eighteen technical career pathways and many dual enrollment courses, students are soaring to reach new levels of success and leading the school system with a 99% graduation rate. This success has improved Floyd County’s graduation rate, increasing it from 75% to 94% in just five years.

Partnering with more than fifty community stakeholders, Floyd County Schools College and Career Academy has developed a five year, community-wide strategic plan dedicated to economic and workforce development. Recognized as a Ford Next Generation Learning Community in partnership with the Georgia Tech Research Institute, this academy truly represents the importance of innovation, adaptability, and economic growth.