Equifax Board Releases Findings of Special Committee Regarding Stock Sale by Executives

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Monday, November 6th, 2017

The Board of Directors of Equifax Inc. released a report by the Special Committee regarding the trading of Company securities by certain executives following the detection by Equifax cybersecurity personnel of suspicious activity in the Company's network and prior to public disclosure of the incident. The Board formed the Special Committee in September to conduct an independent review of various aspects of the cybersecurity incident and the Company's response to it. The report released today relates exclusively to the securities trading matter.

The Special Committee's report, which is attached, concludes that "none of the four executives had knowledge of the incident when their trades were made, that preclearance for the four trades was appropriately obtained, that each of the four trades at issue comported with Company policy, and that none of the four executives engaged in insider trading." As part of the review process, the Special Committee conducted dozens of interviews, and reviewed more than 55,000 documents including emails, text messages, phone logs and other records.

"I'm grateful for the timely and thorough review by the Special Committee of this important matter. The Board takes very seriously any allegation of insider trading. It is critically important for the public, our shareholders, our customers and our employees to know that we will not tolerate any violation of Company policy or the law regarding the trading of securities. The conclusion that the Company executives in question traded appropriately is an extremely important finding and very reassuring," said Non-Executive Chairman Mark L. Feidler.

The Special Committee of the Board is comprised of independent directors and is advised by independent counsel.  The Special Committee continues to review the cybersecurity incident, the Company's response to it, and all relevant policies and practices.