Phoebe Donates Tourniquets to Police and Conducts Bleeding Control Training

Staff Report From Albany CEO

Monday, October 30th, 2017

Phoebe donated 20 Combat Application Tourniquets to the Albany Police Department Friday after conducting three Bleeding Control training sessions during the week.  More than 130 officers voluntarily took the classes following mass casualty events, such as the Las Vegas shooting.  “Hopefully, we’ll never have anything like that here,” said APD Sgt. Paul Guhl. “But most of the time we are first on the scene to a bad accident.”
Glenn Swanson, Phoebe Director of Emergency Services, and Ashley Abt, Phoebe Critical Care Registered Nurse, led the training courses to teach officers the most effective ways to control bleeding quickly.  “If we can stop somebody from bleeding, we can save a limb and save a life,” Swanson said.
Officers learned the Primary Principles of Immediate Response.  First, they should ensure their own safety.  Next, they should employ the ABCs of bleeding:

· Alert – Make sure medical professionals are on the way.

· Bleeding – Find out where the bleeding is coming from.

· Compression – Apply direct pressure to the wound and apply a tourniquet 2-3 inches above the wound.

Swanson said, “It should make the public feel confident that we have this training for officers.  It can save lives.”
The CATs provided by Phoebe are the most effective bleeding control option and were designed by the military and tested in battlefield situations.  They are in such great demand that there is a supply shortage.  Phoebe was able to provide 20 CATs in this initial donation to APD and will give more at a later date.  They are paid for with donations to the Phoebe Foundation.
Albany Police Chief Michael Persley stressed to his officers the importance of the donation and the training, telling them, “This is training that might not only save your life but may help you save someone else’s life.  You’re that much more equipped to do the job we pay you to do,” he added.
Phoebe is reaching out to other agencies and organizations and expects to conduct more BCon training sessions in the near future.