Horizons Community Solutions Awarded $50,000 from Georgia’s Breast Cancer License Tag Fund

Staff Report From Albany CEO

Wednesday, October 4th, 2017

Thanks to citizens purchasing Georgia’s Breast Cancer License Tags, Horizons Community Solutions in Albany will reach out to at least 1,000 women in Dougherty and Terrell Counties to increase  their awareness of the availabilty of no-cost breast cancer screening services for low income, unisured women. Further, Horizons will collaborate with area healthcare providers to recruit and navigate at least 300 women through timely breast cancer screening and follow-up.  The funds will allow them to better coordinate services using a Mammography Coordinating Center.   

“Nearly one third of women residing in Dougherty and Terrell Counties do not currently get age appropriate breast cancer screening,” says Interim Chief Executive Officer Jennifer Johnston. “Our goal is to recruit uninsured women, refer them to local programs and ensure that they receive timely services.”

Twenty-two dollars ($22) of each Breast Cancer license tag purchased, or thirty-five ($35) of each tag renewed, funds the $300,000 in awards this year, administered by the Georgia Center for Oncology Research and Education (Georgia CORE) on behalf of the State Office of Rural Health in the Department of Community Health.

“While Georgia has increased breast cancer screening rates, not all women – particularly those without health insurance – receive appropriate screening or treatment,” says Angie Patterson, Vice President of Georgia CORE and a 16-year breast cancer survivor.  “The work this grant money supports will help identify breast cancer at an earlier stage, making treatment more effective.”

For information on the Georgia BCLT program, go to www.georgiacancerinfo.org/breastcancertag or to purchase a BCLT click here.