ASU Professors Host Technology Workshop for High School Teachers

Staff Report From Albany CEO

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

The Albany State University department of mathematics and computer science conducted a workshop, Oct. 21, to train local teachers on how technology is used to implement science, technology, engineering and mathematics competencies at the high school level.

High school teachers from Calhoun, Dougherty, Macon and Mitchell counties received training from Seyed Roosta, dean of the ASU College of Sciences and Technology, and faculty members Zachariah Oommen, Anilkumar Devarapu and Brandon Walker. During the session, Roosta emphasized the importance of exposing high school students to science and technology early in a child’s academic life. He also encouraged teachers to share the academic opportunities available at ASU where professors can further educate students and help them reach their full potential in STEM-related fields.

Workshop topics included crime scene reconstruction through trace evidence analysis, the impact of research-based instrumentation on secondary education in STEM courses in Southwest Georgia, open-source “R” software environment for statistical computing and graphics and teaching and research opportunities in STEM disciplines.