Invision Technologies Announces Its Newest Solution for Business Communication

Staff Report From Albany CEO

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

In order to save business owners money on a service necessary to every organization while giving them state-of-the-art technology service, Invision Technologies now offers VoiceConnect.  A cloud-based technology, VoiceConnect bundles a business’ phone, high-speed internet and fax services while including unlimited domestic long-distance calls in the monthly fee.

“VoiceConnect is the latest generation of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)” said Jay Carpenter, Invision’s Chief Business Developer. “Whether your organization is large or small, we can adapt VoiceConnect to your business’ specific needs. We pride ourselves in offering the same type of sophisticated phone features and benefits you would find in many Fortune 500 companies, but at a price that’s often less than local businesses are paying currently for telephone service alone. ”

Though Invision may be known best for its computer networking service, several members of the Invision team, including technicians, have worked in telephone technology for upwards of 25 years through Atlantic Tel-Com, Inc. (ATC)

“Acquiring ATC in 2013 immediately shifted Invision to the cutting edge for telephone systems, from the original electronic systems to the most modern VoIP systems, like VoiceConnect,” said Carpenter. 

One of the most unique aspects of VoiceConnect is that Invision Technologies is the single provider for all the services provided. From installation to servicing any issues that may arise while the system is in service, business owners and office managers have only one local number to call. They work with local, highly experienced technicians who ensure VoiceConnect is the best solution for your business.