Leesburg City Council Working to Trim Budget

Christina Williams

Monday, June 10th, 2013

City Council members in Leesburg will meet again this evening to continue working on a new budget that has been severely impacted by a reduction in the amount of sales tax received.

The city of Leesburg has experienced almost six months of operation under a new agreement on how Lee County and its municipalities share local option sales tax revenue.

In the past, the city received 17.5 percent of all LOST funds. Due to a new agreement, based on such factors as population shift, the city now gets 13 percent of that pie.

"You lost $135,000 this year, and that is only for six months," said Leesburg City Clerk Casey Moore. "So, you can double that for next year. ... I think $270,000 is a fair estimate of what you will be losing."

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