Albany Man Trains Sales Reps through New Book

Allison Floyd

Monday, October 8th, 2012

Small companies don’t have to hire staff trainers and individual sales people don’t need expensive coaching to improve their sales numbers. Longtime sales trainer Doug Robinson’s new book “Sell is NOT a Four
Letter Word” gives bite-size selling ideas and coaching nuggets, seasoned with homespun humor.

Robinson promises to help people join the top 20 percent of sales staff that make 80 percent of the sales. A resident of Albany and Lee County for 17 years, Doug has worked for 40 years in selling, sales management, sales training and coaching. He released the book in August and is offering it at a special price through Dec. 15, when the regular $15.99 cost plus $3 shipping drops $13.89, shipping included.

Doug Shelburn, who owns North Georgia Furniture & Home Décor put the book’s advice to use even before he finished reading. “About halfway through the book and I have written several orders that I probably would have lost if I wasn’t sharpening my skills by using (the) book. It has really helped me clean some of the cobwebs out of the attic,” Shelburn said.

The 274-page paperback is divided into eight chapters and 116 short two- to three-page segments that each can be read in less than 10 minutes. The layout specifically works for busy salespeople and customer service reps who can’t break away from their busy schedules for long training sessions.  Structured this way, the book can be picked up and put down during hectic days, without sacrificing the continuity of the lessons.

Robinson suggests that employers might give the book as a holiday gift, a sales meeting give-away or for a service anniversary. Robinson worked for 20 years selling in B2B & P2P positions, both as a company rep and a self-employed entrepreneur. Over the last 20 years, he’s trained, coached and consulted, improving the performance of
thousands of sales reps. He has also helped many sales managers and leaders become more successful at reaching the goals in their company's sales plans.

To find out more about Robinson or to order the book, go to and look for Doug as a upcoming contibutor to Albany CEO!