Lane Price Hopes to Bring Unity to School Board

Barbara Kieker

Monday, July 30th, 2012

After completing another media interview, Lane Price, M.D., was headed for another evening of walking door to door to ask residents for their vote in the July 31st Democratic primary for the at-large seat on the Dougherty County School Board. The election will be decided on the 31st, as there will be no vote in November for this race. 

"It's been delightful.  I've met the nicest people and gotten a good reception.  Its exhausting but fun," Price said.

Price is running in the Democratic primary against incumbent Anita Williams-Brown, Ph.D., for the at-large seat.  Medical Director for the Willson Hospice House, Price has both a medical degree and a master's in education.  She announced her candidacy on March 22. In running in the Deomcratic primary, Price is getting the word out letting people know that voters can only pull the democratic ballot if you want to vote for her and change on the school board.

A Believer in Public Education
Born and raised in Americus, Ga., Price is a product of the state's public education system.  Her children attended public school as well and she says she is "passionate about public education."  In her four years in Albany, she has attended school board meetings to see the workings of the board.

"Public schools here are not functioning at the level they could be.  People always ask why doesn't somebody do something about it and I decided it was time for me to be that somebody," Price said.

"The school board here does not work as a unit.  There seems to be more concern about personal egos rather than the education of our children.  At the meetings, it was obvious certain members had not studied the materials they had been provided.  How can we expect students to do their homework when school board members aren't doing theirs?" 

According to Price, one of the most important issues facing the school board is its budget.  She believes money should stay with teachers and students and cuts should come primarily from administrative functions.  

"I would insist on a line-item budget and have department heads explain and defend each budget line item," she said.

Price also believe the school board's focus needs to be on education and parental involvement.  That means good teachers and principals need to be "nurtured and allowed to do what they are trained to do."

A Mediator at Heart
An oncologist, Price worked for 25 years at a cancer center in Decatur, Al. before retiring.  Phoebe Putney lured her out of retirement to Albany to run its Willson Hospice House.

"I typically work well with a variety of people – physicians, nurses, administrators.  I'm a good mediator," Price said.

"I know how to develop and defend a budget.  I know how policies, procedures and contracts are supposed to work."

As a member of the school board, Price believes she can contribute to the community and economy of Albany and the surrounding area.
"If we improve public education, then it will improve our ability to attract industry to the region.  Businesses want to locate in areas that have good schools for their employees' families and that have a well-educated work force," Price said.

More information on Lane Price and her positions on the issues facing the Dougherty County School Board is available at