Survey Shows Wealth Effect Hurting US

Press release from the issuing company

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

The ailing “Wealth Effect” is hurting the U.S. Falling home values have stopped homeowners from taking a family vacation this summer, completing a home improvement project or making a big purchase, depressing the overwhelming majority of Americans, according to a new Housing opinion poll.

The impact of the housing crash is being felt by homeowners, who are cutting out vacations at the beach or mountains, a trip abroad, buying a boat and other big purchases. More than 3 out of 4 homeowners are making sacrifices and it’s effecting the way they feel about themselves with more than one out of four owing more on their home than it’s valued at in the current marketplace. Home values are still declining in the majority of markets.

The Housing Predictor survey clearly indicates that the large majority of Americans are directly affected by the drop in home values. The foreclosure crisis is pressuring home values in all but four states. Less than one out of four surveyed said they were not impacted by declining real estate values known as the Wealth Effect.

Many areas of the U.S. have seen home values decline for more than five years, including the hardest hit states like California, Florida, Nevada, Ohio and Michigan. But states that weren’t widely marketed with ALT-A and subprime mortgages are doing much better in terms of coping with the fall-out of the crash, many of which are listed in the updated best 25 Housing Predictor market list.