Dougherty County’s Own Michael McCoy Named Administrator of the Year

Staff Report From Albany CEO

Tuesday, May 15th, 2018

The 2018 American Public Works Association – Georgia Chapter Public Works is proud to announce the selection of Interim Dougherty County Administrator, Michael McCoy as Administrative Manager of the Year; which places McCoy in a very elite group of winners. After the January 2017 storms in Dougherty County, McCoy served as a capable leader, and reliable, accessible source for information in the community; specifically, for the traditionally marginalized.

"Mr. McCoy stepped up at a time when the county needed his great leadership after the January storms of 2017, stated former Dougherty County Administrator, Richard Crowdis. “He transitioned smoothly; I never heard a complaint of his work, and he became the face of Dougherty County disaster recovery."

As a public servant and governmental super hero stewarding the preparation and management of the $88 million Dougherty County budget, Michael McCoy’s daily role is leaping tall goals in a single bound, with a strong inclination for results, a positive presence, optimal efficiency, and diplomatic interpersonal style. He was the glue and bridge for city (Albany), county (Dougherty), state (GA) and Federal government emergency management team members while EOC was operational. His knowledge, dedication and professional commitment to citizens led to his recent promotion from assistant to current Interim County Administrator in Dougherty County Government.

McCoy worked in the background in the aftermath of the storms to avert disruptions due to friction that naturally occurs as a result of multi-jurisdictional entities working together in a high pressure environment. He was successful in keeping the peace and moving the process forward by leveraging my cross agency relationships. He served as the “go-to” guy, given his likeable, professional acumen and respect by all parties involved in the recovery process. Whenever there was an issue, McCoy could effectively bring resolve, and ensure that the EOC continued to be operational.

McCoy’s efforts provided FEMA grant recovery leadership by working with Ceres, Tetra Tech, local citizens, state and federal leaders. Grant recovery is imperative, in that it is how local governments are reimbursed for their costs by FEMA and GEMA. McCoy’s staff and recovery leadership resulted in immediate results, which are widely recognized and commended.

APWA District Director, Chuck Mathis made the announcement at this week’s board of commission work session.  “I was somewhat surprised by this recognition, with 22 counties competing for the award. I’m honored that our submission garnered this award.”

McCoy’s achievement will be recognized by the Georgia Chapter of the APWA at an awards ceremony in July at the historic Jekyll Island Club.