Thomasville Center for the Arts: Focused on Building a Creative Community

Thressea Boyd

Friday, July 28th, 2017

Thomasville Center for the Arts staff photo

A city of approximately 18,000, Thomasville is known for its historic homes, hunting plantations, array of roses, and deep devotion to the arts.

Like many cities—large and small—Thomasville has cherished a rich history of arts and culture. In 1986, a group of ardent preservationists and community leaders campaigned to purchase and renovate the old East Side Elementary School, which was constructed in 1915 and closed its doors in 1975. When the doors opened again a few years later, the historic school became the permanent home to the Thomasville Cultural Center, a place for art, theatre, dance, and educational programs for children and adults. 

While the cultural center had an important place in Thomasville’s community, there was opportunity to connect to a broader audience. 

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