Communicorp: Key Benefits of Innovative Fulfillment Solutions

Amanda Bass

Thursday, June 30th, 2016

Finding creative ways to manage all of your marketing assets can be a challenge for any organization. Most marketers have various tools they only use for consumer engagement initiatives, and an entirely different suite of solutions for employee activities. Over time, marketers realize these materials must be continuously created, printed, packaged and stored in an organized way to facilitate access upon request, or to quickly ship when needed. Fortunately, there are innovative fulfillment solutions available in the marketplace to help address this pressing need.

In short, a cutting-edge fulfillment program allows companies to house all of their marketing collateral with a storage and logistics partner—including brochures, newsletters, flyers and promo products. The logistics partner then ships out items as needed. A fulfillment partner also provides large warehousing capacity for storing items safely, in a temperature-controlled environment, to prevent product damages.

Furthermore, fulfillment solutions deliver inventory control technologies that easily allow companies to see when their products are running low, which expedites re-orders before items are depleted. This system ensures that all of your marketing materials—from your employee orientation kits to your “thank you for being our new customer” packages—are ready to ship when needed.

At Communicorp, we actually deliver one of the most comprehensive one-stop-shop solutions for fulfillment services in the Southeast. Not only do we store up to 30 million marketing pieces annually in our 9,000 square foot warehouse, we also provide additional services to enhance our customers’ experience, including:

  • Kitting Solutions: Assembling company-approved materials in one package—including print and promo items—creating one branded kit to be shipped to customers or employees as needed.

  • Shipping and Receiving Logistics: Managing the shipping logistics for marketing collateral that is sent to customers or employees, and receiving/storing materials for our clients

  • 1-to-1 Print Capabilities: Personalizing print materials for customers, so that specific names, titles and other data can be included on materials to enhance the branding experience and customer engagement.

  • Inventory Control and Update Reports: Using systems to manage and track the inventory numbers for items in the warehouse, so clients can receive activity reports when items need to be re-ordered.

By utilizing our fulfillment solutions, customers have a superior e-Commerce tool for placing orders and have them fulfilled by a team of experts on their behalf. While we can store and manage items produced by other vendors, customers who really want to enjoy an all-in-one solution can use Communicorp to produce, print, manage, store and fulfill all of their marketing items—including promotional products—for added efficiencies and cost savings.

There are also a number of benefits that customers gain with our comprehensive fulfillment program, such as:

Brand Protection
Using the right fulfillment partner can actually help to protect your brand, especially if you use a one-stop-shop provider. Since all materials can be designed, branded, produced and shipped by the same company, customers can enjoy consistency in look and feel across all items in their shipment.

Quick-Turn Shipping
By having all marketing materials stored in one location, instead of various physical and virtual positions, all items can be quickly pulled and packaged to ship quickly. This ensures materials are sent and received on time.

Cost Savings
Shipping and handling costs can be significantly reduced by using one partner to manage all of your fulfillment needs. You will save costs, and you can pass those savings along to your clients.

We know that working smarter, and not harder, is the daily goal for many. Now you can attain this goal by using our innovative fulfillment program when managing your marketing assets. We invite you to learn more about how our solutions can significantly improve your operational efficiencies, while saving you time and money. Get in touch with us today and let us show you what more we can do together.

About Amanda Bass

Currently, Amanda leads sales and marketing efforts at Communicorp, a Columbus-based subsidiary of Aflac, specializing in design-to-delivery marketing solutions.