Pellicano Construction Sees Development Uptick, Growth for Georgia

Shawndra Russell

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

The construction industry in Georgia has made some great strides since the economic downturn, inching back closer to the robust times of late 90s and early 2000s. Pellicano COO Stephen Dew points out that “healthcare, hotel construction, D.O.T. and infrastructure projects have lagged behind because of funding and governmental policy changes.” However, in the private sector Dew has noted office building construction, automotive dealerships, apartment construction and the like is doing very well thanks to banks and equity groups seeking out investment projects. 

Dew outlines the five actions that need to take place in order for Georgia’s construction industry to return to its strongest years:

  1. Strong education for an increased labor force
  2. Governmental support
  3.  Interest rates staying low for the next several years
  4. Companies continuing to hire and create jobs
  5. People moving into Georgia and buying homes

These initiatives—combined with Georgia’s accolade by CNBC as the #1 state to do business in throughout the country—make the case that Georgia’s construction industry will continue to grow and thrive. Dew adds another bonus for doing business in Georgia: “We also have a very Pro-Business Governor and this is reflected in the number of large corporations that have selected Georgia as their company’s headquarters.” 

For the industry as a whole, Dew notes that advances in technology and improved processes have also helped the construction world. “Several advances in these areas are through BIM (Building Information Modeling), LEAN construction practices and Software programs that allow us to be more efficient throughout the entire construction process—from estimating to the project’s punchlist and closeout,” he explains. But, technology alone isn’t enough to keep the industry strong. Dew believes the industry is successful “because of people and relationships. From owners, to subcontractors, to suppliers to the skilled labor that builds the projects piece by piece.”

For Pellicano Construction specifically, 2014 was an excellent year as they reached their goal to build projects in their seven market sectors—a goal they are poised to accomplish again in 2015. Dew credits their success as “a direct result of all of the hard work put forth by all of these great people…[we’re] fortunate to have extremely talented, hardworking and loyal employees.” This positive company culture starts at the top as their leadership focuses on creating a “family-oriented, laid-back, and fun atmosphere” as Dew describes it, in addition to “a willingness to give back to the communities that afford us the success we have experienced. All of our employees are very civic minded and in one way or another find a way to give back to their community,” he says. 

For recent Pellicano’s 2014 projects, they saw an increase in automotive, assisted living and retail sectors throughout Georgia. But producing quality work time and time again has been the key to their success. “75% of our annual volume comes from repeat clients. This tells me we are doing something right!” he exclaims.