Kim Colby Joins Flint Community Bank

Barbara Kieker

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

On July 31st, Kim Colby joined Flint Community Bank as a vice president.  Her role blends personal banking and business banking, an approach that fits well in a community bank and the Albany market.

"I am very excited about my role with Flint.  My job is to build relationships.  That is and has always been a passion of mine during the 36 years I have been in banking," Colby said. 

"I enjoy sitting down with clients and going over their full financial picture, not just what their need is at that time.  I love to help clients find products that fit their needs now and in the future.” 

For example, Colby can help a business client with a personal checking account or a consumer client with a business loan.  She calls the position a bit of a hybrid and said, "I get to have the best of both worlds." 

The benefits of a community bank

Before joining Flint, Colby was vice president at another bank in Albany, where she worked for nine years.  Most recently, she managed the Private Banking Department there.  She took the position at Flint Community Bank because she liked the structure of a community bank. 

"I like that it is self-contained.  Everything I need for my clients is under this one roof.  Whether it is a decision for a loan or if they need their debit card replaced immediately, it is all right here," Colby said. 

Flint Community Bank was started in 2006 with a goal of building a bank based on customer relationships, according to Colby.  The bank strives to deliver on its promise of local decisions made in a timely manner with excellent customer care. 

According to Colby, lending activity has picked up at Flint this year.  That means confidence is up on both ends of the transaction – both at the bank and with businesses and consumers.  Yet growth in Albany still has a way to go, she said.

Doing business with the customer in mind

"I've been most impressed since I joined Flint with the level of commitment to customer service.  This is truly a family atmosphere and the customers are considered part of that family.  Everything is done with the customer in mind," Colby said. 

"Bankers talk a lot about customer service. At Flint, customer service is the priority. Come in and see the difference for yourself."

Colby believes a quote from poet Maya Angelou best sums up the way Flint Community Bank thinks about customer service. 

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”                                                                                                            ― Maya Angelou 

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