Business is on the Move at Albany Travel

Barbara Kieker

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

People are on the move again, according to Cheryl Haley of Albany Travel Agency, shedding the cautious stance they took during the recession. And they are moving back to traditional travel agencies from online agencies. As a result, Albany Travel is experiencing strong volume in 2014.

“More people have decided not to worry about whether they will have a job tomorrow. They’ve decided they will take a vacation no matter what,” Haley said.

“And we’re seeing business roll back around to us from online agencies. People realize that they like talking to the same person before, during and after their trip.”

Booking Travel for 20 Years
Gregg Jones has owned Albany Travel Agency for 18 years and the agency has been in business for more than 50 years. Haley has worked there for more than 13 years. Both Jones and Haley were born and raised in Albany.

The firm serves clients in Albany, Atlanta, Athens, Columbus, as well as clients who have moved from the area to Florida, South Carolina and other locations outside of Georgia.

“When I started working here there were seven travel agencies in the area and today we are the only agency still here so we must be doing something right,” Haley said.

“Some people who have moved away from Albany still call us because relationships are what’s important in our business. We know our clients and their likes and dislikes and they know us.”

Destinations Trending Now
Albany Travel provides a wide variety of travel services from three-night cruises to private tours that extend for two to three weeks. In 2013, they also arranged travel to Africa and Australia for clients.

As for destinations that are hot in 2014, Haley cites Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Known for its beaches and seaside resort towns, the name “Punta Cana” refers to the cane palms in the region.

“I call Punta Cana the new Cancun. It's a quick flight from Atlanta,” Haley said. “And it’s a great destination that has wonderful all-inclusive properties.”

Experience and knowledge of the latest destinations are what brings people back to Albany Travel. And repeat business and referrals drive growth.

“It’s definitely a customer service business. That’s our focus,” Haley said.

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