Paul Davis Emergency Service & GRAP Restoration Provide "One" Solution

Barbara Kieker

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

With the aim to provide a complete mitigation and rebuild solution to customers and their insurance providers, Greg Suess and Brian Bradshaw opened a Paul Davis Emergency Service of Albany and Leesburg franchise in November 2012. Paul Davis is a full-service water, fire and mold cleanup and restoration firm that operates through more than 300 franchise locations.

"Our Paul Davis franchise partners with GRAP Restoration to provide "one solution" to our customers," Suess says.

"For instance, if a customer has water or smoke damage, they can call Paul Davis Emergency Service and we can mitigate the immediate emergency and GRAP Restoration can perform the rebuild to the original condition. It is always easier to make one call for mitigation and restoration rather than sourcing several different companies that do not always communicate well between companies. Our project managers at Paul Davis and GRAP communicate continuously to make sure we provide world-class service to our customers."

Georgia Restoration And Protect or GRAP Restoration is a rebuild company that has been in business in Albany and Leesburg for 10 years. It works with all the major insurance companies.
John Ellenburg, general manger of GRAP Restoration, is a seasoned restoration specialist.

Bradshaw, general manager of Paul Davis Emergency Service of Albany and Leesburg, is a former project manager with a large industrial contractor. He holds a BS degree in biology from Georgia Southern University and is certified in mold, fire, smoke, water and biohazard mitigation.
Suess, who works with both Paul Davis Emergency Service of Albany and Leesburg and GRAP Restoration, previously worked for 26 years in food safety and microbiology for M&M-Mars and was a partner with his father’s firm, Lambert Suess Construction, for more than 30 years in the Albany area. Greg holds a BS degree in Agriculture Science and a Masters of Business Administration.

"Brian, John and I feel we bring this experience to the table to provide the best experience possible for the insurance restoration customer," Suess said.

Remediation Done Right
According to Suess, it takes special skills to successfully mitigate the damage done by water, fire and smoke.

"People don't realize that with smoke, for example, if you have a little left anywhere or you do not properly mitigate the source, you will still be able to smell it for years to come," Suess said.

"In my former role as a new home builder and remodeler, we never had to deal with fire or smoke damage and we had to learn how to perform this special service. Brian and I understand the science behind remediation and make sure it is done right. With mold, some firms may claim to do remediation and simply spray the area with a biocide. Paul Davis is a specialist in mold mitigation."

Mold mitigation services provided by Paul Davis include a complete assessment of the affected area, removal of contaminated materials, application of disinfectants and antimicrobials, HEPA vacuuming, and assistance with the insurance claims process.

"We do the job right and take no short cuts or ever put a customer or their family at risk," Suess said. "We only know one way, and that is the right way."

In the southern Georgia area, Paul Davis and GRAP Restoration are part of the national service provider program for several large insurance companies.

"As a premier service provider for the major insurance companies – which is limited to only a couple firms – we are required to give a full warranty on our work. I think that shows to customers that we are in it for the long term," Suess said.

Not the Biggest, But the Best
Since Paul Davis opened in Albany and Leesburg last November, business has exceeded expectations for Bradshaw and Suess. Growth has come through customer and insurance company referrals.

"Our mantra is "Provide World Class Customer Service” and “Do what we say we will do." We realize how traumatic it can be for a family being displaced from their home by fire, water or mold. We want to reassure them that we can repair their home back to its previous condition and everything will be ok in the end even though it does not seem that way at the time of the incident," Suess said.

"My father and I were in the home building business for 40 years and built many of the fine homes in Albany and Lee County. He instilled in me the value to perform “quality work” before anything else and operate with the utmost integrity possible. In all the years we were in business, we never had to cross the street to avoid an unhappy customer. I doubt many contractors can claim that and that is how we do business at Paul Davis and our partner GRAP Restoration."

"We may not be the biggest mitigation company in Albany, but we're going to be the best," Bradshaw said.

More information on Paul Davis is available at To contact the Albany office, call (229) 883-4744.

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