Artesian Contracting Builds Albany

Barbara Kieker

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

Artesian Contracting could be described as a federal, commercial and industrial construction company based in Albany with 80 percent of its business in Georgia, 25 percent in Albany. Co-owner Glenn Singfield Sr. would prefer people think of the firm as a committed community partner.

"Jake Barrow [co-owner with Glenn] and I have a vested interest in making Albany a better place," Singfield said.

"We reinvest in our community. Our staffing is local; much of our buying is local. And as a stakeholder in our community, we try to step up and support efforts like Meals on Wheels and Strive2Thrive."

Artesian Contracting was formed 25 years ago with the idea of transforming the landscape in Albany by developing a viable minority construction company. In 1999, Singfield bought the controlling interest in the firm and in 2005; Jake Barrow bought out his father's ownership position. Over that time, Artesian Contracting has completed more than 100 commercial and nearly 300 government projects.

A Sought-After Contracting Partner
As an 8(a) certified, Hub zone, minority-owned contractor, Artesian has the ability to bid on a set-aside amount of contracting work for the federal government. However, Singfield believes clients have sought out the firm because of its quality of work and ability to execute on promised deliverables.

"For example, we've supported the MCLB in its mission through major renovations of base facilities as well as the construction of new metal buildings," Singfield said.

According to Singfield, the firm has been affected by sequestration like anybody working with the federal government. However, security-related missions at military bases are the last areas to be cut given ongoing conflicts on several fronts.

"We expect business to remain consistent at least for the next 24 to 36 months," he said.

Artesian also works in the commercial, industrial and institutional sectors of the construction market. Recent projects include the Albany Welcome Center at 112 N. Front Street, which involved the complete renovation of the historic Bridge House showcasing work by an African-American bridge builder, Horace King. Artesian used recovered heart-of-pine wood for flooring, ceilings and trim, and repaired all electrical and mechanical systems. The Albany Law Enforcement Building is another Artesian project. It includes concrete vaults, blast-proof glass, anti-terrorism features and extensive cast stone and coping work.

An Important Community Partner
Artesian is a strong supporter of Albany and other local communities where they work. For example, it is an active supporter of the Career in Construction program at Albany Technical College.

"Students learn hands-on applications. It's hard work and unfortunately the pay is often not in line with the effort required," Singfield said.

The firm supports many other local programs including the Council on Aging and the Millennium Clinic, which provides health care for the uninsured. Strive2Thrive, the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce program designed to help break the cycle of poverty, is another effort supported by Artesian.

"It's a windfall for Albany to have Strive2Thrive here. So much of behavior is learned. Helplessness is learned. Strive2Thrive is educating people about parenting and life skills that you and I take for granted," Singfield said.

It's the type of program Artesian is looking to invest in to make Albany a better place.

"We want to be partners with our clients and our communities. I hope people see us as a committed community partner," Singfield said.

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