“Jobs” Movie Chronicles the Life of a Creative Entrepreneur

Annie Pilon

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

Jobs, the indie biopic about Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, is set to release on August 16. The movie chronicles Jobs’s journey from college dropout to successful creative entrepreneur, taking place roughly from 1971 to 1991.

Though the movie is specifically about the beginnings of Apple and, more specifically, Jobs’ rise as an innovator, entrepreneurs may find things that will inspire them in their own journey.

The Startup of Apple

The movie begins during Jobs’s days at Reed College, from which he dropped out to gain life experience. He later meets up with his childhood friend, Steve Wozniak and learns about his work creating personal computers.

The trailer, shown below, gives a glimpse into the movie’s depiction of the early days of Apple. This includes starting the company in a garage, coming up with a name, gaining an initial investor, going public and even Jobs’s initial ouster from Apple.

Given the company’s gigantic success, it can be easy to forget that Apple was once a startup with very limited resources just like so many other businesses.

Steve Jobs Movie: Behind the Scenes

The movie stars Ashton Kutcher, who has publicly stated that he admires Steve Jobs and the work he has done. To prepare for the role, Kutcher tried to step into Jobs’s routine. This included adopting his fruitarian diet, which led to a stay in the hospital for Kutcher during filming.

The movie is meant to be inspirational and entertaining. But some of its depiction of events may not be entirely factual.

For example, Wozniak had some issues with one part of the film in particular. The scene shows Jobs trying to convince Wozniak that his operating system could be sold to the masses.

Wozniak called the personalities depicted in the scene “very wrong.” He also said that the event depicted never actually happened.


The film originally debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in January and received mixed reviews.

Still, Jobs may be of interest for those seeking insight into the early days of Apple and the startup and entrepreneurial process.

Another movie chronicling the life of Steve Jobs is in the works from Sony. The film is based on Walter Isaacson’s bestselling biography of Jobs. Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin has signed on to write the screenplay. An official release date for the Sony adaptation has yet to announced.


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