Knight's Appliance Offers Latest Innovations

Barbara Kieker

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

French door refrigerators with instant hot water dispensers. Ball-bearing oven glide racks that can be self-cleaned. Water dispensers with auto-fill capability. Knight's Appliance and Electronics offers appliances packed with the latest technology innovations.

"We're doing significantly more business with GE and Jenn-Air," said Chuck Knight, owner of Knight's Appliance and Electronics.

"GE is at the forefront of innovation, back to where they were years before. They've moved all their manufacturing back to the U.S. from overseas so they can build and innovate here, which is a real advantage. All their cooking equipment is manufactured in Lafayette, Ga. They've invested a lot in this state."

Pulling technology from other applications
According to Knight, appliances are one of the smaller divisions in GE. In its other divisions, GE manufactures jet engines, diesel locomotives, turbines for the electric utility industry and diagnostic imaging equipment for the health care industry. According to Knight, the appliance division pulls technologies from other divisions.

"Graphite material that is used in jet engines is used in the ball-bearing glide oven racks. The temperatures inside jet engines are much hotter than in a kitchen oven so with that material the oven racks are able to withstand the oven's self-cleaning cycle," Knight said.

Sonar technology enables the auto-fill capability for water dispensers in certain GE refrigerators. According to Knight, "you can set a pitcher under the dispenser, hit fill and walk away."

Sales Up in 2013
In addition to GE, Knight says they are doing more business with Jenn-Air. In total, Knight's sales are up in 2013, although "not a lot."

"We're seeing more new construction projects and bigger remodeling projects. People are looking for quotes on more expensive appliances for their remodels," Knight said.

"That's the type of business that sustains you between the holiday sales."

While sales are up this year and the economy appears more promising than it has in a while, Knight is quick to point out that sales are still well below the peak set in 2005 and 2006.

Buy Local
Knight urges all small business owners to make a point of buying local. A resurgence in support of local businesses benefits the owners and the Albany economy.

"Most times you'll find that local stores, like a hardware store, have what you need at a price that's the same or better than the big chain stores," Knight said.

More information on Knight's Appliance and Electronics is available on their website at or by calling 229-432-9338.

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