Mac Business Systems Opens Albany Store

Barbara Kieker

Monday, October 15th, 2012

The area's first certified Apple reseller and warranty service provider is now open on Dawson Road in Albany.  Mac Business Systems, based in Tallahassee, opened on October 3 with a selection of new Apple computers, including the MacBook Pro Retina, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, and iMac desktops.

"We're excited to bring Apple to Albany," said Mac Business Systems COO Greg Colovos.  

"We're fervent believers in Apple having worked with them for 20-plus years.  More importantly, we believe even more in our customers.  Our staff is continually trained to provide the information our customers need to make an intelligent decision about the right computer system for their business or home."

Adding a New Hub

Colovos and his wife, Laura, opened Mac Business Systems in Tallahassee in 2003, providing consulting and out-of-warranty service on Apple computers.  In 2005, Apple certified the company as an  Authorized Service Provider.  Two years later when CompUSA closed, Mac Business Systems was certified as an  Authorized Reseller in Tallahassee.  

"We decided to open a storefront in Tallahassee in late 2011.  We had been operating out of limited executive office spaces since 2005.  Then March of this year, we decided to open a store in Albany.  We had looked at expanding in Albany in late 2010 but it didn't work out.  Now seemed like the right time with lease negotiations more in our favor and Apple making news," Colovos said.

With the store opening in Albany, Mac Business Systems is now the only certified  Authorized Reseller and  Authorized Service Provider in southwest Georgia and Tallahassee.  Colovos is familiar with the Albany market, having made the 90-minute drive from Tallahassee for 20 years as an Apple consultant to local businesses.

"We see Albany as the hub of a wheel with spokes stretching 35 to 40 miles in every direction.  We hope to gather in business from these smaller communities," Colovos said.

"We’ve received a really good reception from the community so far even though we're still getting the word out.  We typically get a lot of our business from Apple when people call in or go online to find a local reseller or repair service provider.  We're working with Apple right now to get the Albany location on their locator pages."

Reseller Does Not Mean Used

All authorized Apple resellers offer new Apple computers at the same price point as Apple's online store.  At a reseller, customers can talk to staff about their computing needs, try out demo models and purchase a new computer.  Additionally, resellers offer set-up services such as transferring data from an old PC or Mac to a new Mac for free or a nominal charge.

"I wish Apple would come up with a better name than resellers because people sometimes think we are selling used computers.  We sell new Apple computers and don't do many used sales at all," Colovos said.

"All our staff members are Apple Product Professionals who are trained in the functionality of each Apple computer.  They can help customers understand the different aspects of each computer and they will interview customers to understand their needs now and in the future."

Currently Mac Business Systems is open weekdays from 9 to 7.  Colovos expects to add Saturday hours next month.

"I want to be sure our staff is comfortable with the products and procedures.  Our biggest priority is to focus not on customer service, but customer loyalty.  We want our customers to come back and bring their friends."

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