Using LinkedIn to Find a Job

John Foley

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Yes, there is a lot of buzz in the marketing world about Google+. While much of it may be justified, there are still many opportunities for individuals to take advantage of existing features in social networks that have been around for a bit longer.

Below are 6 questions (and answers!) that may help you get more out of LinkedIn, especially if you are looking for work.

1. What are some of the most important features on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn allows you to upload your resume right to your profile, which is a fantastic feature. Potential employers have the most important document that you can produce. The time you spend crafting a solid resume is validated when you open it up to the LinkedIn audience. You can also integrate your Twitter feed into your LinkedIn profile. If you are Tweeting about topics relevant to your industry or field of study, this feature becomes very helpful. Finally, utilize the Groups and Discussions that LinkedIn offers. This is the best way to connect with other professionals in specific fields and interests. You can add your two cents to an ongoing discussion, or you can simply connect with people you would have not met otherwise.

2. Can LinkedIn actually get me a job?

It absolutely can. If you are connecting with the right people, and you provide the right information, anything can happen. There is even a job listing section right on LinkedIn, which makes it very easy to apply for the jobs you want in your area. Also, some company pages have an “Apply Here” section.

3. How do I get my profile out to the public?

When you sign up for LinkedIn, your profile will have its own URL, much like Facebook or Twitter. You can customize this URL, which is in your best interest. Now, you can use this URL anywhere. Place it on your resume or Tweet about it, so that all of your Twitter followers can easily find you on LinkedIn. Also, make sure you join the groups that your former employers are involved with. Be as connected as possible.

4. How do I make my profile stand out to potential employers?

Unlike your resume, your profile can house as much information as you could possibly want. Elaborate and add past jobs and responsibilities. Your profile is like your personal billboard. Advertise yourself. Have past colleagues write recommendations for you.

5. What kind of people should I connect with on LinkedIn?

Everyone! Every connection you make is an opportunity to make a meaningful contact for the future. LinkedIn is inherently different from Facebook. On Facebook, there is a certain level of apprehension when considering to friend request someone you don’t really know. On LinkedIn, you should adopt the opposite mentality. Connect with people in your field, people that interest you, or someone you just think might be helpful down the road.

6. How much personal information should be put up on LinkedIn?

Well, as in all things, we need to have balance. But do not be afraid to share personal details to your LinkedIn connections. Share information that showcases skills you have acquired in your work experience. Potential employers will search for you on Google or other social networks. Thus, they’ll most likely find what’s out there! Take as much control over what they’ll see as possible on LinkedIn.

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